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For the last 2000 years the faith of Greece has been Orthodox Christianity and we humbly invite you to explore our Orthodox faith and church.

St. Kosmas and Damianos Church is a multi-ethnic parish of Orthodox Christians. We are Orthodox because our tradition of prayer and worship is rooted in the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic undivided Church.

Our Parish is named after two Saints from Asia Minor. These brothers were physicians who went about healing every illness and malady, bestowing healing freely on both men and beasts alike. Because of this they are called "Anargyroi" (unmercenaries), which means they did not accept payment for attending to the sick.

Our church currently serves around 125 Orthodox families coming from diverse cultural backgrounds, including Greek, Russian, Romanian, Serbian, Egyptian, Iraqi, Eritrean, and many American converts.

The icons that cover the church remind us who we are and what God has done for us. Christ is represented in the center of the dome surrounded by prophets of the Old Testament. Below them are the four Evangelists. Christian saints adorn the walls and the largest icons are of the events in our Lord’s life.

We invite you to take a tour during Greek Fest. In the meantime you can pique your interest by exploring our wonderful iconography.

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